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UTS Human Resources

Support and SSG positions

At UTS, the remuneration level of Support and SSG (Senior Staff Group) positions are determined by evaluating the position description. Both new and revised position descriptions need to be evaluated. Writing the position description in the standard UTS format makes it possible for UTS to evaluate positions that are sometimes quite different from one another. We measure their relative contribution and impact upon the University by comparing a range of standard job components. We then use this information to determine the position's appropriate classification level and salary range. Salary rates for support and SSG levels levels are set out in the relevant collective agreements.

Academic positions

Academic positions are not individually evaluated. Minimum Standards for Academic Levels (MSALs) are negotiated at the Federal government level and apply to academic staff in universities across Australia. Salary rates for academic levels are set out in the Academic Staff Collective Agreement.

Remuneration options

For advice on the remuneration options available contact the HR Partnership Teams.

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