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UTS Human Resources

Assistance must be sought from your HR Partner whenever overseas appointments are being considered.

Before you decide to hire an overseas candidate or embark on an international recruitment campaign you need to consider the implications and also the responsibilities you are taking on.

Obligations and responsibilities

The legislative and regulatory requirements are complex and potentially costly so there must be sufficient benefit for the University to justify overseas appointments being made. Further information is available within the Guidelines.


The cost will vary depending on the immigration support and relocation services you provide the overseas appointee.

Fines and sanctions - managers and UTS

When overseas appointments are made they must be handled lawfully and professionally to avoid fines, sanctions, additional costs and damage to the University’s reputation, nationally or internationally.

As a recruiting manager, should you not comply with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, you are potentially personally liable. For example, as well as organisational fines of up to $66,000 per illegal worker, individuals can be fined up to $13,200 and imprisoned for two years.

Right to work/visas

Any overseas appointee providing services to UTS must hold a visa issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship BEFORE THEY ENTER AUSTRALIA.

If the overseas appointee receives a form of payment, reimbursement or remuneration from UTS then this will affect the type of visa that they need to hold. There are many types of visas and each has very specific rules about payments, reimbursement and/or remuneration.

Relocation support

You are not required to offer the same level of assistance to all overseas appointees. The level of relocation assistance you choose to offer your overseas appointment will depend on the level of the individual and the benefits they bring to UTS.

Assistance could include:

  • economy flights
  • shipping
  • packing/unpacking
  • temporary accommodation
  • housing and rental consultancy
  • schooling consultancy
  • airport meet and greet
  • orientation sessions
  • language courses

While some of these services can be carried out by the faculty or division, others will need to be provided by an external relocation specialist. This cost is the responsibility of the Faculty or Division.

Online relocations tool

Relocations-Made-Easy is an online tool designed to give your overseas appointee 24/7 access to a one stop shop of information about moving and settling in Sydney.

Information on living in Sydney

There are a wide range of additional resources available on the internet to assist with moving and settling in Sydney. Here is a list of websites we have found useful that you may wish to pass on to any potential overseas appointees:


UTS's Service Providers

The University has nominated two preferred partners to assist us with international recruitment.

HRU can engage the relevant firms on behalf of UTS to provide these services. Individual managers do not have the authority to engage these firms.


For more detailed information on recruiting overseas staff refer to the Guidelines.