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The aim of advertising is not only to make people aware that a vacancy exists but to persuade them to apply for the position.

Good advertising highlights the attractions of the position and appeals to the career needs and concerns of the desired applicants. Advertising also helps to market UTS by defining exactly what it is the University and the Faculty/Division stands for, and what separates it from its competitors. Often the people you want to attract are not openly looking for a new job, so you need to think of ways to sell the attributes of the role, University and Faculty or Division. What makes the role/UTS unique, and stand out from other universities or organsiations?

It is worth taking the time to create an advert that is effective and attractive as there is a high correlation between adverts that clearly sets out the benefits of a role and organsisation and recruitment success.

What makes a good advert?

  • The headline captures the candidate's attention
  • The title is understood outside of UTS
  • The first few lines are interesting and engaging
  • The advert actively sells UTS and/or the Faculty/Division, as well as highlighting the key attractions of the position
  • The information is accurate and does not oversell the role, which could create retention issues at a later date
  • Sentences are short and to the point, providing enough information to interest candidates but not to overload them
  • The advert avoids the use of words that are difficult to understand or are overused, such as dynamic, enthusiastic and outstanding
  • The advert contains some white space and does not appear cramped, making it easier for the candidate to scan and absorb the information
  • It does not use discriminatory language
  • Remember, when writing an advert for print you will be referring candidates to a more detailed advert on Careers at UTS. A print advert should be written to act as a hook to get candidates to come to our website to get more information or apply.

What to do

  1. Use the templates and samples and download the advert templates to help you create effective advert(s) in the UTS format. If you want to advertise in the press you will need to prepare an advert written for the paper, as well as a more detailed online (display) ad for the Careers at UTS website.
  2. Get some feedback. Your HR Partner can provide advice and feedback on your advert copy. It may take some time before you are happy with the advert, so begin writing well before advertising deadlines close.
  3. Print out your completed advertisements and send them to your HR Partner as part of the approval process. You must also send electronic copies to your HR Partner so that it can be upload to Careers at UTS and any other job boards required.