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A position description should provide the reader with a good understanding of the role by providing information that clarifies and describes the job, its functions, enviroment and reporting relationships.

This section of the HR website is designed to assist you to write a position description (PD) in the UTS prescribed format.

For academic staff use the academic position statement

How to use this guide

The pages in this area of the site follow the sections of the position description format. By reading through each in order you will find the advice you need to complete that section of the position description. Download the Position Description template and fill in each section as you work through each page.

Sample PDs are available for senior staff, academic managers and support staff.

You might be writing or revising a position description in order to recruit a new staff member or perhaps to have a current role re-evaluated. Further information and resources on these processes can be found on the Recruiting staff pages of this site.

Further information and assistance can be provided by your HR Partner.

General Guidelines

  • the position description (PD) should reflect the needs of the work area and describe the position, not the incumbent
  • the language and content must be correct and up-to-date and reflect the level of responsibility and outcomes expected 
  • gender specific language must not be used
  • the PD should be in a concise and summarised format
  • use of jargon and acronyms should be minimised. Spell out abbreviations the first time they appear
  • write in an active voice
  • do not assume the reader has prior knowledge of this position.
  • the PD should not exceed 3 to 5 pages. Use the PD template available on the HR website.