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Accessing iRecruit

You will access iRecruit using the UTS Hiring Manager responsibility. This responsibility will be automatically assigned to you if you are a supervisor.

If this is your first time using iRecruit as a Hiring Manager or if you would like a refresher, the resources below will help you navigate the system and become familiar with the different tools available to you as a Hiring Manager.


iRecruit process overview

iRecruit effectively manages activities including appointing, renewing and candidate management.

Diigram showing work flow


Candidate iRecruit account activation

As a Hiring Manager you cannot offer a new position to a staff member or external candidate, or renew a staff member’s contract, until they have activated their iRecruit account in NEO. This includes casual support and fixed term contracts.

UTS Staff can activate their NEO:iRecruit account through:

neo→Employee Self Service→My Recruitment→My Applications→My Account.


Getting help

The resources below should cover most of your questions. 

View the library of visual demonstrations of how to use iRecruit as a Hiring Manager.

User Guide - this is a printable step by step guide to using iRecruit

FAQ - this will answer many of your frequent asked questions.

How to get access to iRecruit

After checking these resources if you are still unsure what to do click here for information on where to go for iRecruit advice and support.


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