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All approvals are now seamlessly managed online replacing the need to complete and approve employment requests, appointment recommendation forms or various form based contracts.

iRecruit will send the approval request directly to your UTS email and to your notifications list on your neo home page.

Approvals have been built in iRecruit in line with the Council Standing Delegation of Authority and UTS policy and procedure and means that it is easier for hiring managers to ensure they are compliant. 

Approval points

There are two main approval points in iRecruit:

  • Vacancy request approval – triggered for some vacancy requests at the initiation of an appointment process.  This approval point is not mandatory for all appointments.
  • Offer request approval – triggered when a request to offer a new contract or renew a contract is submitted.  This approval point is mandatory for all appointments. 

Actioning an approval request

Just like other neo online approvals, once you have checked the information on the approval request you have the choice of several actions.

  • Approve
  • Reject
  • Reassign
  • Request information 

Checking information

The Approver's Checklist below provides examples of important information to check at the two main approval points. 


Like other approval requests in neo, if you are unable to approve an Offer Request within 4 days you will be sent a reminder.  If after a further 4 days the approval remains unactioned it will escalate to HRU. 

This escalation does not happen for vacancies that require approval at the vacancy request stage as it is appreciated that there may be a need for approvers to have further exploratory conversations at this early stage in the appointment process which may exceed the standard 4 day turnaround time period.  

Vacation rules

Don’t forget to set up your vacation rules (53 Kb, 2 pages) in neoif you are going to be absent to ensure there are no delays to the approval of urgent appointments or contract renewals.

Principle 9
Existing authorisations to perform HR functions under Principle 9 already approved by Council have been built into iRecruit.  As new requests for Principle 9 approvals are approved by Council, these will be added into the system as soon as possible.  Once built into iRecruit they will start to appear in the approval chains.

Getting help

The resources below should cover most of your questions. 

Use this short visual demonstration to get you started in iRecruit. 

User Guide - this is a printable step by step guide to using iRecruit.


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How to get access to iRecruit

After checking these resources if you are still unsure what to do click here for information on where to go for iRecruit advice and support.


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