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The iRecruit system is a neo self-service module. iRecruit enhances processes for recruiting staff, generating casual or fixed-term support contracts and renewing contracts (excluding casual academic contracts).  An integrated online solution, it effectively manages activities including appointing, renewing and candidate management.

Benefits of iRecruit

  • Removes the need for paper-based forms and contracts
  • Automates the approval process
  • Generates e-offers for online acceptance by candidates
  • Increases compliance with UTS Policy and external legislation
  • Easy access to candidate applications for hiring managers
  • Integrates with payroll
  • A better user and candidate experience

iRecuit Champions

Paperless process

Form-based contracts, the Employment Request form and the Appointment Recommendation and Selection Committee Report form have been replaced. iRecruit will now allow you to manage the appointment, recruitment and renewal process online.

Contracts not processed via iRecruit

There are a few appointments that, at this stage, will not be made through iRecruit.

These types of appointments will continue to be made as they are now.


iRecruit allows for electronic offers of employment ("e-offers") to be made.

Hiring managers and contract generators can only send an e-offer of employment for roles less than 12 months and casual support roles (excluding SSG appointment).

Once you are ready to offer the candidate, you can send them an e-offer via iRecruit. Advise the candidate to log-on to iRecruit using their log-in details, review the offer details and accept.

Before declining an e-offer, a candidate should be advised to contact the hiring manager to discuss.

Retrospective contracts

To ensure compliance with UTS policy and external legislation, a candidate must not start at UTS before they have accepted or renewed an employment contract through iRecruit.

Online Approvals

Approvals for the recruitment vacancy and the offer of appointment have been built into iRecruit in line with the Council Standing Delegation of Authority, including authorisations to perform HR functions under Principle 9 where they are already in place.

Vacation Rules

To ensure there are no delays to approval chains, it is important that vacation rules (53 Kb, 2 pages) are set up in NEO to cover any absences.

Principle 9
Existing authorisations to perform HR functions under Principle 9 already approved by Council have been built into iRecruit.  As new requests for Principle 9 approvals are approved by Council, these will be added into the system as soon as possible.  Once built into iRecruit they will start to appear in the approval chains.

Further Details

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