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UTS Human Resources

The Human Resources Manual contains collective agreements, policies, directives, procedures and guidelines and forms relevant to human resources.  These are the documents that explain how human resources matters are handled at UTS.  

The documents within the HR Manual provide information about:

  • entitlements and benefits
  • human resources processes and how they work including what steps need to be taken and forms need to be completed
  • parameters and guidance for decision-makers.

The manual has been split into three sections:

  • Collective Agreements
  • HR manual – which contains human resources policies, directives, procedures and guidelines. 
    When accessing a policy or directive you may be redirected to the Governance and Support Unit webpage for UTS Policies and Directives.  Procedures and guidelines are located within the Human Resources webpage.
  • Forms

The documents within the HR Manual are a hierarchy.  The provisions of collective agreement will apply whenever there is an inconsistency between the collective agreements and one of the other documents within the HR Manual.  

Any comments or questions about the HR Manual should be directed to Workplace Relations and Policy on extension 1079.