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6.5 Performance and Development - Principles and Procedures (PDF, 123Kb)

These guidelines provide information about the performance and development process for all UTS staff.  The Performance and Development process helps staff and supervisors to plan and review work, to evaluate performance and to identify development needs.

6.10  Professional Experience Programs (PEP) - Vice-Chancellor's Directive 

This directive outlines the provisions whereby academic staff are granted a paid period of release from normal duties in order to maintain and enhance their academic and professional skills. The directive covers typical activities including research, industrial or professional employment and visits. Eligibility and period of PEP are explained. The directive also covers criteria for granting PEP and administrative implications including salary, travel advance and staff obligations. 

Further information about the processes associated with PEP is available on the PEP webpages.

6.11  UTS Childcare and Carers Support Fund (Conference Attendance) Guidelines (PDF,108Kb)

The UTS Childcare and Carers Support Fund (Conference Attendance) provides eligible academic staff, who have primary carer responsibilities, with access to financial assistance towards the additional care costs associated with attending and participating in national and/or international conferences, workshops or symposia relevant to their research.  The guidelines set out information about the arrangements associated with the Fund including eligibility requirements, lodgement of applications, funding levels, criteria for consideration of applications and approval processes.

6.12  Handling Staff Grievances - Vice-Chancellor's Directive

This directive defines work related grievances and describes how they are to be handled at UTS. The directive advises on the responsibilities of supervisors, managers and staff, how to raise a grievance, the expected outcomes of the process and documentation. 

6.13  Handling Staff Grievances - Supervisors' Guidelines (PDF, 252Kb)

Managers and supervisors are guided through the process to be undertaken when handling a grievance. The guideline covers documentation, timeframes, procedural fairness, investigations and outcomes of the process. 

6.14  Staff Secondments and Exchanges - Vice-Chancellor's Directive

Secondments may be arranged to satisfy a number of purposes including staff development, consultancy or mutual exchange of ideas. This directive sets out the provisions and conditions by which secondments and staff exchanges may be undertaken. The directive guides the manager in the selection of secondees, the conditions relating to their employment and the responsibility for the related costs and administration of secondments. 

6.15  Financial Assistance for Staff Studying at UTS - Vice-Chancellor's Directive

To support and encourage the development of staff centrally funded financial assistance may be provided to staff studying at UTS. The directive covers eligibility and entitlement, how to apply, the conditions applying to financial assistance and delegated authority. 

6.17  Study-time for Support Staff - Vice-Chancellor's Directive

The study-time directive sets out the guidelines by which support staff may apply for paid leave in order to undertake courses of study approved by the University. The directive covers eligibility, approved courses, purpose of study time, conditions for granting study time, postgraduate study, methods by which time may be taken, residential schools, accrual of study time, field days and examination leave.

6.19 Grievance Record Keeping Procedures (PDF, 79Kb)

These procedures set out the nature and format of information that must be recorded as part of the grievance process. These guidelines ensure that records are kept according to State legislation regarding records and privacy.

6.24 Probation - Professional Staff and Senior Staff Group - Guidelines (PDF, 300Kb)

6.25 Probation - Academic Staff - Guidelines (PDF, 93Kb)

6.26 Funding for Research during Parental Leave - Guidelines  (PDF, 189Kb)

These guidelines set out the University’s commitment to make available financial support for research active academic staff during parental leave to enable the momentum of their research programs to continue during the parental leave absence.  The document sets out the sources of financial support, the responsibilities of staff and supervisors, and offers guidance on matters which should be discussed in order to determine research support needs and develop a Parental Leave Research Support Plan.