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4.1  Hours Of Work for Support Staff Guidelines (PDF, 201Kb)

The Hours of Work for Support Staff Guidelines provide information on hours of work models, including flexitime, RDO, on call, overtime and shift arrangements. These guidelines (in online format) together with information about hours of work and workload for academic and senior staff can be accessed from the hours of work and workload webpages.

4.2  Academic Workload Agreement, Clause 36   (PDF, 35Kb)

For conditions relating to the allocation of academic workloads please refer to Part D - Performance and Development, Clause 36 of the Academic Staff Agreement.

4.3  Annual Leave Guidelines (PDF, 71Kb)

These guidelines set out staff entitlements to annual leave at UTS. The guideline detail how applications may be made to take leave and conditions under which leave is granted. 

4.4  Sick Leave Guidelines (PDF, 209Kb)

The sick leave guidelines set out the entitlements of staff for leave due to illness and non-work-related injury. The policy covers the rate of pay for sick leave and leave without pay and the effect of sick leave on other forms of leave. The guidelines set out the administration of sick leave, medical certificates, staff records, health risks and fitness to continue duty.

4.5  Personal and Community Leave Guidelines (PDF, 88Kb)

These guidelines set out the conditions under which staff may take paid and unpaid leave for personal reasons. The guidelines explain entitlements to personal and community leave.

4.6  Leave Without Pay Guidelines (PDF, 80Kb)

These guidelines explain the granting of leave without pay (LWOP) to staff for personal reasons. The guidelines cover reasons for leave without pay, method of application, salary administration and the effect of LWOP on other entitlements.

4.7  Long Service Leave Guidelines (PDF, 67Kb)

These guidelines set out the conditions by which staff may take long service leave at UTS as determined by the Long Service Leave Act 1955 and the University's staff collective agreements. The guidelines cover entitlement to long service leave, recognition of prior service and conditions for both full-time and part-time staff.

4.9  Parental Leave Guidelines (PDF, 104Kb)

Parental leave enables parents employed at UTS to care for their child during the first two years of life. The parental leave guidelines explain paid maternity / adoption, partners, foster parents leave, unpaid parental leave and return to work support for primary carers. Information including links to relevant forms is also available on the Parental Leave webpage