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3.3  Fixed-Term Employment Guidelines (PDF, 110Kb)

These guidelines outline the arrangements relating to fixed-term contracts. The guidelines cover the circumstances under which fixed-term employment can be used, contract length (including for academic management positions), and entitlements to notice and severance pay.  These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Recruitment and Appointment Vice-Chancellor’s Directive

3.4  Recruitment and Appointment Vice-Chancellor's Directive

This Directive sets out the processes and approvals for appointment through a competitive recruitment and selection processes, or through conversion or nomination/invitation (without a competitive recruitment and selection process).  The Directive content includes information about these methods of appointment, recruitment through internal and external strategies, developing position documentation including selection criteria, selection committees and their composition, selection processes including interviewing, reference and other checks, offers of appointment and remuneration setting.  Refer to the UTS recruiting and appointing webpages for further information.

NOTE:  Currently all recruitment action for positions of 12 months or greater requires approval by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor for academic positions or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services) for support positions.  The only exception is academic or support staff positions wholly funded from research grants.

3.5  Position Description Guidelines

A step by step guide for staff wishing to write position descriptions. 

3.6  Employment of Casual Academic Staff Guidelines (PDF, 87Kb)

Recruitment and selection procedures for casual academic staff at UTS. The guidelines also include keeping of staff records, orientation, development and monitoring of performance, termination of employment, quality assurance mechanisms and building relationships with casual staff.

3.7 Education Focused Academic Roles Directive

UTS recognises the need to provide career profiles and options that allow academic staff to specialise in particular aspects of academic work. This Directive provides for Education Focused Academic roles as an academic career specialisation. It sets out arrangements applicable to academic staff appointed as Education Focused Academics.

3.12  Appointment of Distinguished Professor by Invitation Vice-Chancellor's Directive

This directive provides guidance on the appointment of eminent persons for periods up to five years as Distinguished Professor. The university may appoint by invitation. The directive provides details on the salary and type of contract that may be offered and the considerations to be taken into account. Appointments are approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

3.15  Honorary Appointments Vice-Chancellor's Directive

Conditions for both long and short-term honorary unpaid appointments. The directive covers appointment as Adjunct Professor, Associate, Visiting Professor, Fellow and Scholar. The directive covers entitlements, intellectual property, insurance and conditions of offer.

3.16  Jointly Funded Appointments Guidelines (PDF, 121Kb)

Guidelines on the negotiation of strategic arrangements that can be made between UTS and external organisations to jointly fund certain positions. The guidelines include a description of the type of arrangements available and describes in detail conditions for jointly funded arrangements.

3.17  Temporary Variation to Hours or Mode of Employment - Principles and Procedures (PDF, 75Kb)

Staff may apply to vary their hours of duty or mode of employment for a fixed period. The modes of employment are full-time, part-time and part-year (support and senior staff) / sessional (academic staff).  The document sets out the arrangements for application, the approval authority and the conditions of employment that may be affected if an application is approved.

3.19 Sessional (Academic) and Part-Year (Support) Employment - Fact Sheet (PDF, 68Kb)

Sessional employment and part-year employment are modes of employment available to academic and support staff, respectively.  This fact sheet sets out further information about these modes of employment including clarification on the employment conditions applicable.