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UTS Human Resources

UTS is committed to providing a productive and harmonious work environment but we recognise that problems or issues can arise for individual staff members or groups of staff.  The University, therefore, has processes to handle grievances, disputes or appeals if such problems or issues arise.

The following general principles apply to the handling of all grievances, disputes and appeals:

  • Resolution of problems is encouraged at the point as close as possible to the source of the problem and at the lowest level of management.
  • Staff grievances are handled in a timely, unbiased and fair manner, taking into account the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice.
  • A staff member must be able to provide specific details regarding the grievance, dispute or appeal to enable those who are responsible for managing the problem or issue to have a clear understanding of the concern and how best to address it.
  • All parties to the process have the right to be accompanied by a representative of their choice during all discussions related to the matter. Such a representative will not be a barrister or solicitor in private practice.
  • If a grievance, dispute or appeal is found to be mischievous, vexatious or malicious, then disciplinary action may result for the person who raised the matter.

It can be difficult for staff members and supervisors to work through the University’s policies and other documents in order to work out which process applies to a particular problem or issue. 

Below is a list of the types of problems staff may have.  Each item on the list links to further information including the relevant reference documents, grievance, dispute or appeal process and a contact for further assistance.  The list is only indicative of the types of problems that might arise and is not intended to exclude others that may emerge.

If your problem does not fit into one of the categories above then contact the following, in the first instance:

  • for a problem relevant to you - Staff Services, Human Resources Unit - or ext: 1060
  • for a problem relevant to a member of your work unit - your HR Partnership team, Human Resources Unit